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Upcoming & Previously Held FAR Programs

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Past events

05 Jun 2024 June Luncheon | The State of Associations: How to Thrive in Change and Uncertainty
15 May 2024 Nonprofit Investment Strategies: Best Policy Practices
08 May 2024 May Luncheon | The Architecture of Cyber: Assessing and Upgrading your Cybersecurity Infrastructure
17 Apr 2024 Outsourcing Strategy for Nonprofits: Maximizing Impact
10 Apr 2024 April Luncheon | Leases, CECL, and Looking Ahead: A Conversation About Current Accounting Standards and Their Application to Your Organization
20 Mar 2024 Creating a Motivating Workplace: Secrets to Keeping Staff Happy
06 Mar 2024 March Luncheon | Strategically Navigating CFO Challenges in 2024
21 Feb 2024 Creative Uses of Office Space
07 Feb 2024 February Luncheon | Top Association Risks for 2024
17 Jan 2024 Mastering Performance Evaluations
10 Jan 2024 January Luncheon | Curb Your (Economic) Enthusiasm – 2024 Economic and Capital Markets Outlook
05 Dec 2023 Holiday Party
30 Nov 2023 Nonprofit Budgeting – Tips and Techniques
14 Nov 2023 November Luncheon | AI at Work: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
26 Oct 2023 Cybersecurity
10 Oct 2023 October Luncheon | Employee Retention Strategies
19 Sep 2023 FAR's 40th Anniversary Celebration
13 Jun 2023 FAR In-Person Summer Social
23 May 2023 The Future of Financial Leadership in a Hybrid World
17 May 2023 Anatomy of a Breach
09 May 2023 May Luncheon | Managing a Dispersed Workforce 2.0
04 May 2023 May | The Top Five Challenges Facing Nonprofit CEOs Today Hosted by Nonprofit Advisory Board and FAR
18 Apr 2023 April Luncheon | Economic Update
13 Apr 2023 Bring Diversity to Your Recruitment Plan
21 Mar 2023 Taking the Mystery Out of Budgeting for Meetings
14 Mar 2023 March Luncheon | Building and Maintaining Inclusive, Dynamic Organizations in Turbulent Times
21 Feb 2023 February Luncheon | Investment Outlook 2023: How Non-Profits Can Take Advantage of the Higher Interest Rate Environment
15 Feb 2023 “Change Management – It’s Part of Everything”
18 Jan 2023 What is a PEO, and could it be right for your organization?
10 Jan 2023 January Luncheon | Gems for a Winning Capital Campaign
06 Dec 2022 Holiday Party (Members-Only)
16 Nov 2022 HR Policies: Do your policies help or hinder retention? - Nonprofit Member Discussion
09 Nov 2022 November Luncheon "Making What Matters to You Matter to Others "
27 Oct 2022 View Recording of Webinar: The Top Five Operational Challenges Facing Nonprofits Today Hosted by Nonprofit Advisory Board and FAR
25 Oct 2022 FAR Meet Up - Tommy Joe's
20 Oct 2022 Outsourcing Operational Functions - Nonprofit Member Discussion
11 Oct 2022 October Luncheon "Sizing & Investing Nonprofit Reserves""
29 Sep 2022 Strategic Planning Process - Nonprofit Member Discussion
27 Sep 2022 FAR In-Person Happy Hour - Fall 2022
27 Sep 2022 September Program: Ask a Nonprofit Lawyer a Question!
25 Aug 2022 “What’s on Your Mind?” - A Nonprofit Member Discussion
29 Jun 2022 Peer Mentoring/Management - Nonprofit Member Discussion
22 Jun 2022 June Program: US Economic Outlook: Looking for Certainty in Uncertain Times
15 Jun 2022 June Webinar Health Update: Reducing burnout and supporting a psychologically healthy workforce
24 May 2022 May Webinar: Cybersecurity Insurance Fundamentals for Associations and Non-profits
19 May 2022 FAR May Virtual Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Workplace Wellness
10 May 2022 FAR In-Person Spring Happy Hour
10 May 2022 May Program: Work Flexibility, Technology and Office Space: Rethinking The Way We Work
26 Apr 2022 April Webinar: LinkedIn Analyzes the World of Work
07 Apr 2022 April Webinar: The Top Five HR Challenges Facing Nonprofit Employers Right Now Hosted by Nonprofit Advisory Board and FAR
06 Apr 2022 FAR April Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Approaches to Legal Support
05 Apr 2022 April Program: The State of ESG Investing
16 Mar 2022 FAR March Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Dwindling In-Person Event
09 Mar 2022 March Luncheon "Managing a Dispersed Workforce"
22 Feb 2022 FAR February Webinar: Reassure your Organization’s Stakeholders with a Board Governance Health Check
16 Feb 2022 FAR February Nonprofit Member Breakfast: One on One Meetings with Your Direct Report
08 Feb 2022 February Webinar "Navigating the Marketing Supply Chain in 2022 and Beyond"
28 Jan 2022 FAR January Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Inflation and Unemployment Rates
25 Jan 2022 FAR January Webinar - A Shot in the Arm- Boosting Non-dues Revenue to Strengthen Your Organization
19 Jan 2022 January Webinar "Top 10 List: What’s New in Risk Management for 2022?"
14 Dec 2021 FAR Virtual Holiday Happy Hour
09 Dec 2021 FAR December Webinar - Diversity Equity and Inclusion/Racial Equity: Theory to Practice
07 Dec 2021 FAR December Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Year-end Recognitions: What Are You Doing?
30 Nov 2021 FAR November Webinar - Timetables and Positioning for a Post-Pandemic World
17 Nov 2021 FAR November Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Strengthen Your Relationship with Your CEO
09 Nov 2021 FAR November Webinar - CFO Financial Communications and Interactions with Boards
28 Oct 2021 FAR Happy Hour (Face to Face Fun!)
27 Oct 2021 FAR October Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Culture Eats Strategy: How are you strengthening culture in your hybrid work environment?
21 Oct 2021 FAR October Webinar - Building Culture in a Hybrid Work Environment
19 Oct 2021 FAR October Webinar in Collaboration with the Nonprofit Advisory Board - Keeping Your Nonprofit's Budget Afloat and Adaptive in a Sea of Unknowns
05 Oct 2021 FAR October Webinar - Leasing & Exit Strategies/Managing Staff Expectations
21 Sep 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: The Strategic CFO's Communication Playbook
14 Sep 2021 FAR September Webinar - Accounting Updates for 2022
15 Jun 2021 FAR June Webinar - Business Ethics for Association Leaders: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask….
08 Jun 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Hardest lessons learned through COVID 19. What you now know for the future!
01 Jun 2021 FAR June Webinar - Establishing an Integrated Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
18 May 2021 FAR May Webinar - Executive Leadership During a Cyber Attack: The Most Important 24 Hours of Your Career
11 May 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Mental Health – Maintaining a Positive Mindset a Year Later
04 May 2021 OOPS! Something has come up and we have to postpone our Virtual Happy Hour! Stay tuned and we will reschedule in the coming weeks.
04 May 2021 FAR May Webinar - Replenishing Reserves
27 Apr 2021 FAR April Webinar - Planning for Accounting Department Disruption: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic
13 Apr 2021 FAR April Webinar - Coping with COVID: Supporting Staff Wellness During a Pandemic
13 Apr 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: How to Stay Connected to the Office and Your Team, a Year Later
16 Mar 2021 FAR March Webinar - Facilitating Collaboration in the New Normal
09 Mar 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: How to Maximize Your Association Management System
02 Mar 2021 FAR March Webinar - Analyzing your Organization’s Office Lease Amid COVID and Facilitating a Safe Re-Entry
16 Feb 2021 FAR February Webinar - Leadership in Times of Change or Crisis: the 2020 Version
09 Feb 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Preventing and Detecting Fraud in your Nonprofit Organization
02 Feb 2021 FAR Happy Hour
02 Feb 2021 FAR February Webinar - 2021 Post-COVID Retirement Plan Landscape
28 Jan 2021 FAR January Webinar - Paycheck Protection Program 2.0: Everything Associations & Nonprofits Need to Know
19 Jan 2021 FAR January Webinar - 2021 Unmasked - Investment Themes for a New Year
12 Jan 2021 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Scaling Growth: Is Outsourcing Your Accounting Function Right for You?
05 Jan 2021 FAR January Webinar - Building Great Teams Through Play
15 Dec 2020 FAR December Webinar - CEO Successions in a Time of COVID-19
08 Dec 2020 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Preparing for a Virtual Audit
01 Dec 2020 FAR Holiday Happy Hour
17 Nov 2020 FAR November Webinar - Operationalizing Racial Equity in Your Organization: Early Steps
10 Nov 2020 FAR November Webinar - Office Space Post COVID-19 - What Now?
10 Nov 2020 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Vacation accruals, leave policies effects of FLMA, Short Term Disabilities, Long Term Disabilities, American with Disabilities Act, and other leaves. Employee leave policies!
27 Oct 2020 FAR October Webinar - Nonprofit and Association Reserves: Lessons Learned from the Extreme Market Volatility of 2020
13 Oct 2020 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: Budgeting - How are we tackling the uncertainties?
06 Oct 2020 FAR October Webinar - BACK TO THE NEW NORMAL: Questions to Ask About the New Workplace
29 Sep 2020 FAR September Webinar - How to Successfully Pivot your In-person Event to an Inspiring Virtual Experience
22 Sep 2020 FAR Nonprofit Member Breakfast: What are you doing to balance work, life, family? Your job expects you to perform even more now. How are you juggling it all?
15 Sep 2020 FAR September Webinar - An Economic Outlook and the Impact of COVID 19
04 Aug 2020 FAR August Webinar - 20/20 Vision: Political Activity for Associations, Nonprofits and PACs in the Upcoming Election Cycle
22 Jul 2020 FAR July Webinar - Privacy Legislation for Association and Trade Groups
07 Jul 2020 FAR July Webinar - Navigating the PPP Forgiveness Application
23 Jun 2020 Becoming the Next Generation CFO
16 Jun 2020 FAR June Webinar - Fundraising Compliance in the Digital Age
03 Jun 2020 FAR June Webinar - Workplace Mental Health: You've Got to Have it
27 May 2020 FAR May Webinar - Virtual Audits in a Time of Crisis
13 May 2020 FAR May Webinar - Not Just 'Phoning It In': Ensuring Productivity in the New Reality
12 May 2020 Nonprofit Member Discussion "How to keep your Board focused on the Big Picture"
30 Apr 2020 Nonprofit Member Breakfast Discussion - Staying Connected with your Staff, Colleagues and Employer!
21 Apr 2020 FAR April Webinar - Cyber and Personal Privacy Security
31 Mar 2020 Nonprofit Member Breakfast Discussion: What are you doing about COVID-19?
19 Mar 2020 March Webinar - COVID-19: Legal Strategies for Association Meetings
27 Feb 2020 Nonprofit Member Breakfast Discussion "Young Professionals - Building Career Paths for Success"
19 Feb 2020 February Luncheon "Managing Leadership Transitions"
28 Jan 2020 Nonprofit Member Breakfast Discussion "“State of affairs” of the accounting tech ecosystem"
16 Jan 2020 January Luncheon "Revenue Recognition: Impacts and Implementation"
13 Dec 2019 Nonprofit Member Breakfast Discussion "Aligning Budgets with Strategic Plans Using Traditional and Agile Methodologies"
10 Dec 2019 December Luncheon "2020 Economic Outlook"
19 Nov 2019 November Luncheon "Unlocking Blockchain Value: What is it? How are enterprises using it? How do I get started?"
29 Oct 2019 Nonprofit Member Breakfast Discussion "Investment Planning for 2020 - Strategies for policies, benchmarks, and options"
15 Oct 2019 October Luncheon "Making Your Remote Employee Program a Success"
26 Sep 2019 September Luncheon "Moving from Chaos: Overcoming Leadership Stress with Mindfulness"

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